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Local Expertise Helps Address All Water Damage incidents in Somerset

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment at work drying water damage SERVPROs technicians are more than capable for all types of water damage, no matter the size of the disaster.

SERVPRO Provides the Resources Somerset Residents Need to Deal with Water Damage

Somerset is located within Franklin Township, in Somerset County. Somerset is an unincorporated community, classified as a Census Designated Place. It is approximately 39 miles from New York City, driving through I-95 S and I-78 W. 

The area played a historical role during World War I when it hosted one of the initial Marconi Wireless Stations in the country, constructed in 1913. The New Brunswick Marconi Station, situated on JFK Boulevard and Easton Avenue, served as the primary communication link between Europe and the United States from April 7, 1917, when the US Navy took it after enemy action interrupted the Transatlantic Telegraphic Cables. Guglielmo Giovanni Maria Marconi founded the Marconi Company in 1897 in the United Kingdom. At that point, it was known as The Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company. He is credited with inventing the radio, although he built it by improving the knowledge accumulated by various physicists and experimenters over the years. 

Other Historical Sites in Somerset

  • Tulipwood

The house located on Hamilton Street is one of the oldest structures in the area. It was built in 1892 and later added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2005. Apart from the years, the other unique aspect of the house is its Shingle Style Architectural design, which placed shingles not only on the roof but on the walls as well. The style became famous with the rise of the New England School of Architecture that emphasized highly ornamented patterns. Tulipwood is also known as Whitehaven Farms.

  • Van Liew-Suydam House

The Victorian farmhouse on South Middlebush Road was mostly built in the 18th century by the original owner, Peter Van Liew. Later on, Joseph Suydam put up some additions to the existing house, the largest of which was completed in 1875. It stands atop a hill offering a spectacular view of the countryside, including the woods of the Six Mile Run Valley. The sunsets from the spot where the house stands are spectacular and are cited as one of the probable reasons why Peter Van Liew settled on the spot for his house. Other interesting bits about the property include its change in ownership over the years. For instance, it is named after the first two owners, although there were other owners. In 1988, Franklin Township bought the house from the State of New Jersey for $100.  

  • Blackwells Mills Canal House

The house is located on Canal Road, next to the Delaware and Raritan Canal. The Canal was built in the 1830s connecting the Delaware and Raritan rivers. The house was built at the same time to house the bridge tender who would operate swing bridges allowing boats and cars to pass. Currently, the house serves as a community center and is a great place to ride a bike or take a walk. 

Somerset has a dense suburban feel considering the total population in the 2010 census was 22,083 spread out over a space of 6.3 square miles. The population in the area is very diverse; people often describe it as "a snapshot of the world." According to the Köppen climate classification system, which was defined in 1900 by the Russo-German climatologist Wladimir Köppen, the area's climate is classified as Humid Continental Climate. Its main characteristics include significant temperature changes in different seasons and precipitation spread out throughout the year. 

Scenic Green Spaces in Somerset

One positive impact of well-distributed rainfall in an area is widespread greenery. In Somerset, there are many parks spread out all over the hamlet, providing sufficient opportunities for relaxation. Some of the top parks people can enjoy visiting include:

  • Inman Park

It is one of the largest green spaces in the area and offers a wide array of amenities, including courts for baseball, basketball, soccer, and a general playground. There is a trail for people to walk, jog, or cycle around the park's edge. A sheltered sitting area and parking spaces are also available.

  • Bascom Park

The park located on Delmonico Avenue is great for relaxation and socializing with friends. The area has a good tree cover providing a perfect walking trail. There is a picnic pavilion for those who may want to spend time with friends or family at the park.

  • Naaman Williams Park

It is a public space that offers various athletic facilities and separate age-based playgrounds. The park is a perfect place to jog or swim at the pool. There are large and small sheltered picnic areas for those seeking relaxation at the facility. Slides and other kids' facilities are also available. 

Does SERVPRO Handle Water Damage in all Types of Properties in Somerset?

Water affects most structures negatively if exposure goes unchecked over extended periods. Restoring such damage in Somerset properties requires various resources, including technical skills, experience, and sophisticated equipment. With the right resources, the type of property affected has minimal impact on the outcome. SERVPRO helps with almost all restoration tasks required when moisture affects a building, including:

  • Removal of deteriorated materials deemed unsalvageable for reasons such as loss of structural integrity, contamination, or irreversible soiling. 
  • Extraction of water from all sections of properties including concealed areas
  • Cleaning all areas of the property to remove soils
  • Deodorization to remove odors caused by moisture, soils, or microbial growth

SERVPRO has IICRC certified Water Restoration Technicians who easily establish the extent of the damage and the type of materials affected, which is crucial, especially for older properties. For instance, the use of thermal cameras helps establish moisture spread patterns without tearing down materials. Alternatively, penetrative moisture meters help determine the amount of water semi-porous materials such as solid wood absorb. Inspecting materials helps establish whether the damage done is reversible. For instance, if the water affects composite materials, the adhesives holding them together fail, and drying cannot restore them to their preloss state. Natural materials such as solid wood might also swell or warp beyond reversal. 

SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County helps homeowners affected by major or minor water intrusion incidents. Call us at (908) 251-9097 to assess the damage and expedite the renovation process needed to restore preloss conditions.

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