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Hallway with  some demolition, air movers and plastic tubing forcing air into ceiling cavities, and nearby SERVPRO drying equ

SERVPRO’s Somerset County Commercial Water Damage Drying

When the Somerset County facility in this photo needed water remediation, SERVPRO responded with partial demolition of lower walls and baseboards. Air movers with cylindrical plastic sheets force air into ceiling cavities to dry residual moisture.

SERVPRO drying equipment on a tile floor in a business

Post-Water Damage Professional Drying Equipment Makes the Difference in Somerset

The floor in this Somerset business had water damage. After extraction of the water, SERVPRO sets up multiple drying mats to dry the flooring. SERVPRO technicians use numbers of equipment to ensure that all areas containing water vapor get addressed and use their detection equipment to confirm it is dry.

Basement with standing water around support poles

Standing Storm Damage Water Removal in Franklin Township

Hurricane Ida left a large amount of standing water in this Franklin Township basement. SERVPRO technicians have large-scale water extraction equipment that can handle even deep standing water, including truck-mounted units to get the job done quickly.

SERVPRO technician with mold remediation equipment by an open home framework

Removal of Dried Mold Damage Colonies in North Brunswick Township

SERVPRO techs use multiple methods to remove mold damage. In this case, a powerful portable vacuum fitted with HEPA filtration to capture and halt the spread of airborne spores during the mitigation process. 

A man standing in a wet basement with standing water

Somerset Basement Has Significant Storm Damage from Hurricane Rains

When Hurricane Henri rolled through Somerset, the torrential rains entered this basement. SERVPRO has not begun the extraction but can remove a large amount of standing water on the concrete floor quickly followed by drying with their professional equipment. 

Daycare facility with painted walls and standing water on a carpeted floor

Standing Water Damage in Daycare After Hurricane Affects Franklin Township

This daycare facility in Franklin Township had over an inch of standing flood water requiring removal in some areas. SERVPRO technicians have professional equipment to remove any depth of water in a structure. 

Charred debris in a home with wood and items

New Brunswick Home Has Massive Fire Damage

This New Brunswick property underwent extensive fire damage. SERVPRO technicians arrived to find a large amount of charred, wet debris in the center of the room due to the first responders’  efforts to limit the spread of the fire.

Basement with standing water around furniture and boxes

Montgomery Snow Melt Fills Basement with Water Damage

After heavy snows hit the Montgomery area, the problem started for this home after the snowmelt. The sump pump began overwhelmed and over an inch of standing water collected in the basement ruining boxes and affecting furniture stored there. The homeowner brought in SERVPRO to restore the basement.

SERVPRO technicians with water extraction equipment on wet carpet

Water Damage is No Problem With SERVPRO on the Job in Princeton

This Princeton basement had a large amount of water that needed water removal services from SERVPRO due to a sump pump failure. The technicians carefully extracted the water from the carpet as shown in the photo. This attention during water extraction lessens the time needed for drying.

Office with SERVPRO drying and dehumidification equipment

Franklin Township Office Gets Fast Drying From Commercial Water Damage

Commercial water damage can halt business in Franklin Township businesses, until the property gets cleaned and dried SERVPRO brings multiple drying units and dehumidification equipment to get the job done as rapidly as possible. 

Wall with smoke damage outlining objects 

Somerset Walls with Smoke and Fire Damage

The fire damage on the wall in this Somerset home leaves a clear indicator of the objects that were on the wall during the fire. SERVPRO techs have the cleaning agents to lift the smoke off the walls and prep it for priming and painting for a full restoration. 

Basement with SERVPRO drying equipment 

Somerset Basement With Standing Water Damage?

This Somerset basement had water damage that did not recede and needed fast extraction from SERVPRO. The techs used their portable pumps while the air movers as seen in the photo dried the framework. 

Showerhead with mold damage on the wall around it

Somerset Shower Needs Help With Mold Damage

A slow leak resulted in a large amount of mold damage on the sheetrock around this shower. SERVPRO technicians have the skill and specialized equipment to remove the mold-infested building materials and cleaning agents to inhibit the return of the mold colonies. 

Tile with water and stains from commercial water damage

Somerset Warehouse Loses Flooring to Commercial Water Damage

Glue-down tile is often a loser when it comes to commercial water damage. The adhesion delaminates rapidly and needs removal to dry the substrate underneath. SERVPRO techs were able to remove the water and prep the area for the installation of new industrial flooring.

Tile floor with water and debris

Somerset Property Needs Extensive Help Storm Damage

Somerset flooring tends to bear the brunt of storm damage and this property was no exception. SERVPRO techs cleaned away the water and debris and then dried and disinfected the loss area so there were no signs of the previous water loss.

Warehouse ceiling with evidence of smoke and fire damage 

Somerset Warehouse Gets Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup?

After a fire in a Somerset warehouse, it needed fast commercial fire damage cleanup. SERVPRO technicians clean both the structure and contents in a methodical way that results in less loss and gets the business reopened as quickly as possible.

technicians restoring home after damage

Water Damage In Franklin Township

Don’t let water cause damage to your Franklin Township property. Our specialists are here 24/7 to answer your call. SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County has the experience, advanced training, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Water on the bathroom floor with a sink and toilet

SERVPRO Helps Somerset Restaurant with Water Damage Reopen Quickly

After a pipe burst in this Somerset eatery, the commercial water damage in this restaurant resulted in closure during mitigation. SERVPRO techs work fast with the latest equipment to get the business back to serving customers.

flood cuts on two walls of a room, red carpet

Somerset Plumbing Failure

This Photo shows the precise work done by SERVPRO technicians when sections of a water-soaked wall are non-salvageable. This Somerset homeowner was very appreciative that we did not have to take down the entire walls for service. Our General: 13VH06622700 contractor's license allows us also to rebuild the walls, "Like it never even happened."

inch of water on carpeted office with folding chairs stacked against a wall

North Brunswick Flooded Conference Room

The standing water is reflecting the ceiling lights in this North Brunswick office and training center. SERVPRO can move all the contents like the folding chairs to a safe and dry location before proceeding with the water extraction and drying service.

green air mover, small puddle of water, three yellow collision poles in a bay door extrance

North Brunswick Storm Flooded Warehouse

The mess from the flowing groundwater into this North Brunswick warehouse has been extracted, and the concrete pad looks clean. It is free of mud and dry, with the last remaining air mover completing the task in record time.

large hole in ceiling to the roof, hearth had fire damage showing

Fire in the Somerset Chimney

The unmaintained chimney and flue in this Somerset home burned a hole through the roof and damaged the interior attic and ceiling. Clean up can start once SERVPRO techs place a blue tarp over the damaged roof.

wet carpet, sofas, and a cloth on the carpet

Franklin Township Has a Water Loss

The wet carpet and sofas need fast attention to prevent deterioration and discarding. SERVPRO comes quickly to this Franklin Township home to dry out the fabrics, much to the delight of our customer.

demo walls, green drying equipment

New Brunswick Flooding Demolition

SERVPRO strives to restore and not replace flood-damaged building materials and contents, whenever possible. Here we did a controlled demolition in this New Brunswick bedroom and are now completing the drying process with our advanced equipment

Sheeting covering furniture

Somerset Furniture Store and a Water Loss

The plastic sheeting is 6 mil polypropylene to product the furnishings during an urgent water removal effort at this Somerset retail store. Our SERVPRO team works hard to mitigate the water damage and prevent the need to discard, as a loss, any of the merchandise. We can help, 24/7.

Blackish-green mold on underside of roof in an attic

Kingston Attic Moisture and Mold

The moisture in this Kingston attic shows the result—mold growing on the sheathing and rafters. SERVPRO techs can use ice-blasting to remove the colonies without adding additional water or moisture to the attic. We do it right.

mold spots on ceiling by exhaust vent and ceiling light

Mold in Princeton Meadows Ceiling

The light/exhaust unit in this Princeton Meadows bathroom was not functioning. The build-up of moisture led to a mold infestation as shown by the stains on the ceiling. Our mold remediation team can cure the problem, "Like it never even happened."

rows of air movers--green in a hallway, about 35 feet running

Plainsboro Water Mishap

The fire depressant system actuated and sprayed a small amount of water in the corridor of this Plainsboro hotel. Our goal at SERVPRO is to dry out the damp walls and carpet without disrupting the guests. With a large number of air movers, the work was completed quickly.

air mover on concrete floor by bay door opening

Stormwater Drying in an East Brunswick Depot

The lone centrifugal air mover is completing the SERVPRO job after a storm covered this concrete pad with water. The client was pleased that his East Brunswick building did not suffer any lasting damage. It matters to us to satisfy our customers with professional and swift results.

ripped open ceiling, insulation on the counters, hint of fire damage

Princeton Meadows Fire and Water Damage

The fire was put out, and the ceiling was opened up to ensure no live embers existed to rekindle a burn. SERVPRO can clean up the debris and set up drying and deodorizing equipment to restore order for our customers.

water covering floor in office, 1 inch deep

East Brunswick Flooded Office

The clean water covering the carpeted floor in this East Brunswick office can quickly receive the attention of SERVPRO. With our advanced extraction equipment and drying devices, the office will soon be back up and humming.

blackened surfaces of fire damage washer and drying and back wall

South River Fire Damage Cleanup

This house in South River had a significant fire that not only damaged the physical structure, but also many appliances and fixtures. SERVPRO technicians can remove the charred debris to mitigate the malodors within the house, and then continue with the restoration.

Debris and water on a beige tile floor

Storm Damage and Mud and Sewage in Somerset, Oh My!

When the storm damage brings muddy debris and sewage into a property, the site may look overwhelming, but SERVPRO techs have the specialized equipment to address all of these needs and bring the property to its preloss condition.

Kitchen with heavy fire damage and debris on the stovetop

Extensive Fire Damage in Somerset Kitchen Gets Turnaround?

When a severe amount of fire damage happened in this Somerset kitchen, with debris everywhere and heavily charred building materials, the homeowner had no idea how great their kitchen could look after restoration and reconstruction services completed. 

Water on the subfloor with carpet pulled back

Saving the Carpet in a Somerset Bedroom from Water Damage and Mold

A longtime, unseen leak in a Somerset bedroom led to the need for water damage cleanup and mold remediation. SERVPRO technicians found the carpet had no mold infestation and need to dry underneath.

Ceiling with water damage stain

A Leaky Roof Sends a Water Damage Calling Card in Somerset

No one wants to look up and see evidence of water damage happening in their Somerset home. This type of water loss needs fast attention to halt further damage and return the home to its preloss state.

Plastic on the floor keeps stains at bay

The Ceiling in Somerset Building has Commercial Water Damage

This Somerset property had a large amount of commercial water damage from a broken pipe in the ceiling. The techs removed the ruined sheetrock to open up the area for drying.

Two SERVPRO employees in white hazmat suits in a hallway.

SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County Crew Cleans Fire Station.

A crew from SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County was called out to clean and apply a disinfectant at a local fire station. After a deep cleaning, the technician used a commercial-grade ULV fogger to spray an EPA-registered product throughout the fire station. Foggers are effective in helping slow the coronavirus spread because when applied they produce a stable uniform mist of botanical disinfectants across a variety of hard and soft surfaces.

cut out wood wall panels, showing water damage and plumbing

Somerset Storm Damaged Finished Basement

The groundwater is gone, pumped out by SERVPRO techs from this Somerset finished basement area. The non-salvageable wood panels have been cut (flood cut), exposing the PVC plumbing and wall voids for drying and disinfectant application.

fire and smoke damaged home

Fire Damage Restoration In Franklin Township

Call our skilled crew after a fire has damaged your Franklin Township home. We will respond quickly and start the restoration process right away! SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County has the training and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your Franklin Township home to pre-damage condition.

A SERVPRO employee with a white suit on spraying a table.

Disinfectant in A Somerset breakroom.

This technician from SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County is wielding an electric-powered wet mister ULV  (Ultra Low Volume). Using a cold fog machine, he is able to spray an airborne disinfectant on hard surfaces such as the chairs and tables in a break room at this local business. The mist also stays suspended in the air for several hours, which can help slow the spread of viruses.

exposed ceiling, removed sheetrock, showing a patchwork of wood boards

Somerset Leak Upstairs Plumbing

The leak from the P-trap soaked the ceiling of this shower area in a Somerset home. The ceiling was opened, and SERVPRO technicians can fix the leak and then dry out the water damaged area. Then rebuild to preloss condition. We can help.

fire damaged home

Fire Damage Cleanup In New Brunswick

Your New Brunswick property is in good hands when our professionals respond to your emergency! We are the best in the industry and Faster to Any Size Disaster! SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County has the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your property to pre-damage condition.

concrete floor with water reflecting from a flood with equipment spread out in a warehouse

New Brunswick Flooded Factory

When a main breaks and floods the concrete floor of a factory or warehouse in New Brunswick, there is a wise first move. Call SERVPRO. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, extract the standing water and dry out the facility to mitigate any capital investment damage.

flooding in home

Flood Damage Restoration In Franklin Township

Our skilled team is here to help when your Franklin Township home experiences damage after a storm. Our specialists have training in water damage restoration, upholstery & fabric cleaning, applied structural drying, and odor control. SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County has the expertise, training, and equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

fire damaged property

Fire Damage In Franklin Township

Once a fire damage incident has occurred in your Franklin Township property, you need to contact the technicians at SERVPRO immediately. Our skilled team is standing by 24/7 to respond to your emergency! SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County has the certified personnel, training, advanced equipment, and experience to make it “Like it never even happened.”

removed cabinets showing drywall cut-outs and a piece of equipment

New Brunswick Water and Mold Damage

The water leak led to a degradation of the kitchen base cabinets and eventual mold growth. Our SERVPRO team can perform a controlled demolition to find and fix the leak. The air scrubber, outfitted with a HEPA filtration system, is capturing airborne spores and particles. Count on us for a professional service.