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Learn Intermediate Belly Dance in New Brunswick with Ana Nephilim

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Any time you have a fire, call SERVPRO and their technicians. They are IICRC certified for all disasters. With the know how and experience too.

Have Fun and Meet New People Belly Dancing in New Brunswick 

Belly dancing is one of the few dancing styles that favor women of all sizes, unlike others such as ballet, which are restricted to specific body types.  One misconception people have is that the dance is easy since it does not force the body into unnatural positions. However, it takes dedication and practice to perfect the seemingly effortless movements made by professional dancers. You can have a great time in your New Brunswick home, learning the art of the ancient sacred dance through the online event organized by Ana Nephilim.

The event focuses on:

  • Warm-ups and cool-downs
  • Body postures for injury prevention and glorious beauty
  • Various moves to incorporate in the dance

Those participating should dress in comfortable clothes and have accessories such as yoga mats and water bottles. Since it is an intermediate lesson, it has more intensive routines. If you have a longstanding injury, you should consult your physician before participating.

SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County helps minimize the hassle of fixing any kind of fire damage in New Brunswick properties. Call us at (908) 251-9097 for immediate assistance. 

Preserving Somerset County History After Fire Damage

12/6/2020 (Permalink)

exterior of a fire damaged house It can be quite overwhelming when you are facing fire damage. SERVPRO can help with the remediation process. Call us right away.

After a fire, restorers must carefully clean and recover historic properties.

New Jersey has always been one of the most historic locations since the earliest settlements of America's newly forming colonies. Somerset County has been an influential part of this growth and evolution, housing some of the most significant battles of the American Revolution and being a haven for the Continental Army's patriots through some of the war's tremendous hardships. With many of the towns like Somerset and Franklin Township chartered during the mid-1700s, structures built at this inception that remain today are a treasure worth protecting.

Historic Properties in Southeast Somerset County

Whether it is mold that could develop from elevated moisture in the region to the potential for complete or superficial fire damages, historic properties and landmarks throughout Somerset County must get protected. These buildings and areas offer their significance to the state's history and growth over the centuries. Some structures serve to showcase popular architectural decisions of various eras in America's life, while others have been influential locations or historically significant. Some of the most popular of these include:

  • The Meadows – This is a house in Franklin Township initially constructed in 1722. Upon construction, the property was close to 800 acres and was placed on the Raritan River and a major route to connect it to settlements and traders. Today, the structure exists as a living museum of 18th-century architecture and life.
  • Rockingham – This property was built around 1710 by the merchant John Berrien but did not take on the name it is now known by until more than 70 years later when the property was for sale. This location would be General George Washington's final headquarters and station during the American Revolutionary War.
  • Tulipwood – This is a property that exemplifies the shingle style made famous during the 1800s. The majority of this house was constructed in 1892 as a prestigious property for Stephen Guion Williams of the renowned Williams & Guion Black Star Line company. The house and the land have also been known as Whitehaven Farms by many over the years.
  • Rocky Hill Historic District – At the center of Rocky Hill, some of the most recognizable and renowned historic properties exist. From the Rocky Hill Inn constructed around 1830 to the Parsonage for the Dutch Reformed Church built around 1858, many protected buildings showcase the history of Somerset County. 
  • Six Mile Run Historic District – This subsection of Franklin Township has become a popular destination for travelers looking to tour some of the area's older structures and get a feel for its history. An excellent example of this is the Van Liew-Suydam House built in the 18th century, the Hageman Farm from the early 19th century, and the Wyckoff Garretson House constructed in 1730.
  • Middlebush Village Historic District – As another section of the Greater Franklin area, Middlebush has multiple historic properties, landmarks, and older buildings contributing to a protected region. There are 37 properties that make up this district, though some of its most renowned include The Middlebush Reformed Church (1919), the Voorhees House (1719), and the Middlebush School (1926) that has now become the area Board of Education building.
  • Kingston Mill Historic District – This protected area in Somerset County shows some of the earliest architectural styles of settlers and colonists in the 18th century. As one of the original settlements for Princeton, NJ, the original and newer Kingston Mills still stand, the first being constructed in 1755 and the newer built near the 20th century in 1888. There is also a stone bridge built in 1798 to replace one destroyed by the Continental Army to slow British advancements.
  • King's Highway Historic District – This is one of the original main roadways designed originally to connect Boston and Charleston. There are many historic properties laid out along this path where the Revolutionary War's influential battles were fought. The road passes through Somerset County and features many landmarks and buildings along the route that were historically significant to the success of the Continental Army during America's battles for independence from King Charles II, whom the roadway was initially named after.

Museums Protect Somerset's History and Culture

One way we work to protect our heritage and illustrious history spanning centuries is to document these times and events in museums and cultural centers. Each of the prominent eras is represented by the artists and people who endured them and continue to be an inspiration and educational opportunity for curious individuals. These include:

  • Ukrainian Museum of New Jersey
  • Princeton University Art Museum
  • Old Millstone Forge

Cleaning Up Somerset Homes After Fire Damage

Fire losses are among the most devastating disasters that impact Somerset County homes, as these situations can develop from hundreds of potential sources. Addressing a fire's effects can require both our building trade professionals and experienced Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT.) This effort begins with emergency services conducted as soon as our team first arrives.

Emergency services are a blend of general contracting needs and mitigative tasks that lessen the ultimate loss of a property and the cost of restoring it. Temporary repairs of structural breaches and controlled demolition are two examples of how our in-house contractors can help. Debris removal is also an instrumental action taken to reduce the severity of hazardous or discomforting effects in the house like noxious odors or carcinogenic soot particles.

Removing soot from the environment and surfaces requires a combination of advanced equipment, detergents, and solvents. Air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators utilize onboard HEPA filters that can capture particulates as small as 0.3 microns. Removing the bulk of circulating ash and soot can reduce hazards to those exposed and prevent smoke residues from becoming thicker and less manageable.

Addressing the effects of fire damage in Somerset homes and businesses involves our skilled technicians and our inventory of industry-leading tools and products. Whenever disaster strikes, our SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County team can mobilize quickly to make it "Like it never even happened." Give us a call today at (908) 251-9097.

Fire from an Electrical Fault Caused Severe Damage in My Somerset Property. Who Can Help Me to Restore it?

8/16/2020 (Permalink)

burnt kitchen interior with a cabinet burnt After a fire some of your personal belongings might be able to be restored. Call SERVPRO for fire damage restoration and remediation services.

Contact SERVPRO Technicians in Somerset to Perform Fire Damage Restoration in Your Home

Fire leaves most property owners devastated after watching the home’s contents being engulfed by flames. Thankfully, professional restorers can stop further damage, salvage most of your valuable items, and get your Somerset property back to its preloss state. SERVPRO has decades of experience in the restoration industry, and our General Contractor License number is 13VH06622700.

What precautions should I take?

Before you get into the affected property, wait for the local authorities to deem your property safe for re-entry. Contact our technicians within 48 hours to mitigate the fire damage in your Somerset home. If you have to get into the property, avoid touching surfaces with soot and smoke residues to prevent them from spreading further.

What does the fire mitigation process involve?

Fire damage mitigation concentrates on minimizing losses and damages. Effective mitigation should happen immediately after the fire to keep physical and financial consequences low. The essential elements of fire damage mitigation include:

  • Checking for potential hazards
  • Evaluating areas of vulnerability
  • Coming up with an effective mitigation strategy
  • Performing necessary cleanup and repairs

Before we begin the restoration process, we inspect the affected area thoroughly to get a clear picture of the severity of the damage. If the firefighters used lots of water to fight the flames, we could use a thermal imaging camera to see how far the water traveled. The device helps us to check moisture levels even in confined areas.

What do you consider to determine the cost of restoring a property?

The restoration cost of a fire loss depends on several factors. It is essential to understand that even after extinguishing the fire, smoke and soot residues continue to damage various surfaces. Firefighters may also have broken doors or windows and put holes in ceilings and walls when putting out the fire. The water used to extinguish the flames can also cause considerable damage to your floor and drywalls. Fire restorers usually base the cost of cleanup and restoration on:

  • The number of affected rooms
  • The severity of the damage
  • Repairs required

Can you clean valuables with soot?

SERVPRO technicians clean and restore the contents of your home on-site or in our off-site facility. To restore delicate items, our experts can use the immersion technique. This procedure involves using an ultrasonic cleaner to remove soot and smoke residues. The cleaning technique uses sound waves to form and implode bubbles. The collapsing bubbles produce energy, which eliminates the soot residues on the items.

With state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge restoration techniques, SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County can bring your home back to life after a fire, “Like it never even happened.” Talk to us today at (908) 251-9097.

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My Somerset Furniture Is Covered In Soot – Can It Be Saved?

6/24/2020 (Permalink)

House Fire Contact SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County at (908) 251-9097for quality fire damage service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO Provides Expert Fire Mitigation and Can Clean and Restored Furniture Damaged by a Fire in Somerset

With over 350,000 home fires happening annually, there is a constant need for fire cleanup professionals. If your Somerset home suffered a fire that left your furniture in need of cleaning and restoration, we have the help you need. The key to saving the contents of your home is immediate mitigation.

What type of furniture gets restored?

It isn’t the type of furniture that is the challenge but the soot covering it. The more severe the fire, the stronger the need for aggressive fire damage mitigation in your Somerset home. In certain situations, the furniture will need replacing, but if restoration is possible, SERVPRO gets it done. Here are some reasons smoke and soot are a problem:

    •    Smoke is resilient – its tiny particles can spread quickly.
    •    Human skin worsens the acidic film on surfaces.
    •    Needs neutralization with specific chemicals.
    •    Hidden damage
    •    Eats away at materials if left untreated.

Dealing with Stubborn Soot Problems

Soot is insidious and loves to disperse into every nook and cranny of a home, including furniture. Fabrics such as drapes and upholstery can be difficult to clean unless the exact cleaning agent gets used. Soot sinks into furniture like sofas and stains it. But the fire mitigation team at SERVPRO are experts at handling these problems. They know how to proceed to restore your furniture and leave it “Like it never even happened.” Tools of the trade include:

    •    Dry Sponges
    •    Powerful cleaning agents
    •    Deodorizing equipment
    •    HEPA vacuums

Furniture restoration is preferred over replacement whenever possible. Restoration saves you and your insurance company money, plus you keep your original possessions.

Contact SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County at (908) 251-9097for quality fire damage service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Do I Need to Hire a Professional Cleanup Service After a Fire?

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

soot and fire damage Let SERVPRO use their specialized cleaning techniques for the soot damage in your New Brunswick home.

Smoke, Soot and Extinguishing Agents in Your New Brunswick Home Require a Professional Cleanup Crew

Fire in your home implies a mixture of soot, debris, smoke, and remains of extinguishing agents. It may look overwhelming at first glance, but your New Brunswick home can look like new with the help of a professional team. Damage can be more widespread than you perceive, and a reputable company can help you make that assessment.

Fire cleanup services in New Brunswick are easily accessible by calling SERVPRO around the clock. Our team trains to handle emergencies, and we do so in a systematic way, starting by assessing the scope of the damage in all areas of your home. Rather than jump into cleaning with household cleaners, let our team create a targeted plan and start our work.

How can I get rid of both soot and the smell of smoke?

Our SERVPRO team takes a comprehensive approach to clean your home, including air quality and personal belongings. Acting quickly lets you preempt any corrosion caused by soot sitting on your furniture and fixtures for an extended time. Cleaning the air can include the use of foggers and ozone generators while removing soot and smoke damage can consist of-

  • Thermal fogging
  • Dry cleaning methods
  • Use of specialized primers when repainting is a need.

SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County provides comprehensive services after a fire. Call us at (908) 251-9097 and let us leave your home, "Like it never even happened."

Can Items Blackened From a Fire Get Cleaned for Reuse?

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

Charred items after fire Homeowners have to deal with many things which may include fire damage. Contact SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO has the professional cleaning agents and equipment to restore any amount of fire loss

After a fire occurs in a home, the contents may have a coating of soot that may be light and powdery or thick and smears easily. Both of these types need specific cleaning agents and methods for complete removal. Care should get taken when moving any items as it can spread soot to other areas of the home via airborne particulate or from your shoes. 

What is the Best Way to Remove Fire Damage from Countertops?

If the countertops in your Somerset home have fire damage, there are essential steps to take before cleaning them. The types of residues should get determined through testing, and this, in turn, allows for the correct cleaning method to get chosen so countertops do not get marred.

SERVPRO technicians encounter different types of residues and the ways to remove them vary depending on some of the following determinants:

  • The construction materials that makeup the item 
  • How porous the item is 
  • How deeply embedded the soot is

One of the most effective types of cleaning is immersion cleaning, where items get fully immersed in a cleaning agent to loosen the grip of the residues on the surface. Specific wood soaps get used on hardwood furnishings to remove the smoke damage and moisturize the wood.  As long as there is not direct damage from the heat or exposure to water that caused swelling or cracking of the joints of the furniture, the prospects for restoration in most cases is good. 

If there are any repairs needed post-mitigation, SERVPRO technicians have a general contractor license #13VH06622700 and can make the transition from restoration to reconstruction seamlessly. 

SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County at (908) 251-9097 is available 24/7 to clean up and restore your property from any size fire damage. 

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How Do I Get the Soot Left by a Fire Out of My Home?

5/19/2020 (Permalink)

smoke coming from under the door. Let SERVPRO mitigate your fire damaged home in Somerset.

Call SERVPRO for Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Somerset

For Somerset residents, fire damage can look like the end of their dream of owning a home. As bad as it appears though, a professional restoration team can often return each home to a livable condition.

Where do you start?

SERVPRO restoration teams first concentrate on two actions: Removing Debris and Cleaning the Structure. These actions serve multiple purposes in the restoration fire damage for Somerset.

  • Removal clears the home so we can decide the tools and cleaning agents needed
  • It also eliminates the source of many odors so technicians can determine if odor-causing particles penetrated deeply into the structure
  • Cleaning removes more odor particles and also stops further damage by getting these acidic particles off surfaces as quickly as possible

How long is this going to take?

That depends on the amount of fire damage. Restoration is not a quick process, and our technicians take every step necessary to return your home to a clean, safe place for your family. That is why each team leader provides an estimate of time and services before starting and keeps you updated throughout the process.

For more information on how we restore your home, call SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County at (908) 251-9097 today.

How Do I Know What My New Brunswick Home Needs After a Fire?

5/18/2020 (Permalink)

salesman holding up insurance policy form You are assured of great fire damage cleanup and restoration of your New Brunswick property when SERVPRO completes the project!

Our SERVPRO team works with insurance companies and customers to meet the challenges that fire losses can leave behind. 

Fires can be an overwhelming experience in your New Brunswick home, so you might not be able to decipher what is irreparably damaged and what areas can get salvaged. Our SERVPRO professionals can help.

Before the earnest fire restoration of New Brunswick homes can begin, a thorough evaluation of the property must get conducted. This assessment meets the needs of your insurance company to secure damage claims and directs our restoration technicians to the priorities of recovering the structure.

What Does Job Scoping Entail?

Our project manager works along with the customer and the insurance adjuster to learn as much as possible about the disaster and the toll on the property. Some of the critical points of this evaluation include:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Content damage
  • Structural damages
  • Restoration obstacles 
  • Odors 
  • Residues 

With the information from the assessment in the hands of our crew chief and fire restoration technicians, we can get to restoring your home to its original condition. Give our SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County team a call today at (908) 251-9097.

We Put The Flames Of Worry Out In Somerset After A Fire

4/9/2020 (Permalink)

A family room covered in soot and smoke after a fire We have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your property to pre-damage condition after a fire.

How Do I Get Professional Fire Restoration for My Somerset Home?

Our SERVPRO team is ready 24/7 to help with fire losses that affect your life.

It can be a great challenge for many Somerset homeowners to get the pieces in motion to protect and restore their homes immediately following a fire. With reputable restoration professionals like our SERVPRO team available 24/7, emergency services, cleaning, and recovery of your property is often only a phone call away.

What Does it Mean When Restoration Companies Chase Fires? 

The term chasing fires has become synonymous with taking advantage of the misfortunes of Somerset homeowners after fire damage disasters. In truth, when it is said that our SERVPRO team chases fires, it refers to our professionals and administration keeping an ear to the ground for disasters that happen in the neighborhoods we serve. Learning about fire losses as they happen can benefit the affected homeowner in many ways.

One of the most direct ways that your property can benefit from our knowledge of a fire in progress is our preparedness for the emergency. No matter how fast we can typically respond to emergencies that threaten homes and businesses throughout our region, information delivered at the right time can have our technicians and professionals ready to respond when first responders and firefighters turn the property back over to you.

With our established relationship with area insurance providers and companies, we often get informed of situations in real-time. You reach out to your insurance company to find out what to do, and they reach out to restoration professionals like our SERVPRO team that have established a positive report over the years. This information can help to reduce wait times on meeting the demands of damage claim evidence so that work can begin as soon as possible in your residence.

What Are the Emergency Services SERVPRO Offers After a Fire?

  • Controlled Demolition
  • Fire Debris Removal
  • Air Quality Control

Once our team initially arrives at your damaged Somerset home, we must begin several actions immediately that occur before the job scoping and mitigation efforts to come. These emergency services help to make the worksite safer for responding technicians of our SERVPRO team, but can also reduce the severity of fire loss effect migration to other areas and materials in the house. Controlled demolition, for example, can address compromised and weak portions of construction materials by discarding them.

Debris removal is one of the first tasks that must occur on any structure fire, as this helps the property to experience less concentrated effects like odors and soot particles. When our professionals first arrive and begin controlled demolition tasks, we can also utilize this time to shovel and vacuum out loose debris from the floors.

Controlling the contaminants and hazards circulating in the environment is also a noteworthy task to make the job site safer for our responding technicians. With the application of advanced tools in our inventory like air scrubbers and negative air chambers, we can reduce the movement and migration of harmful soot particles that can be a hazard to those exposed.

What Equipment is Needed for Cleaning After a Housefire?

  • Abrasive Cleaning Equipment 
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Equipment
  • Deodorization Tools

Cleaning up after fire losses involves multiple tools and strategies working simultaneously. Because every disaster is different, some Somerset homes might experience higher soot deposits while another deals more heavily with harsh odors lingering behind after the emergency. However your home is affected, we must address the situation with powerful, cutting-edge equipment like soda blasting and media blasting for surfaces affected by specific soils and soot.

While walls and ceilings can deal with much of the residue risks of a house fire, the flooring can contend with much of the debris and sediment produced by the combustion. While many areas require the removal of carpeting and other soft materials too severely damaged to preserve, more lightly affected portions of carpet can benefit from hot water extraction and pretreatment approaches to restore color and vibrancy while removing any soils trapped in the fibers.

Removing odors from the house is another great obstacle for responding technicians like ours. While smoke odors can exist in the environment where the fire took place, each of the exposed materials and contents has also likely been affected by these smells in some way. Deodorization practices and equipment must address open-air odors as well as trapped molecules in porous surfaces. We typically rely on thermal foggers, hydroxyl machines, and ozone generators to accomplish these tasks.

Do Restoration Companies Do Repairs as Well? 

  • Licensed Residential Contractors
  • Build Back
  • Renovations and Remodeling

Because we have a licensed division of contractors in-house, we can offer a comprehensive approach to restoring Somerset homes and businesses after a fire loss. Our experienced professionals first got involved with controlled demolition practices when our SERVPRO team arrived at the damaged home, and can now begin the full-scale reconstruction of the house once restoration completes.

Repairing and rebuilding your home is a carefully crafted portion of the restoration process we offer customers because with controlled demolition techniques, matching existing construction materials exactly is the only suitable path to make damages “Like it never even happened.” We work with our customers to meet their expectations in this reconstruction phase.

It is also possible that due to the severe structural damages that your home endured during the fire loss incident, you can consider the possibility of remodeling and renovation. When residences get taken down to their structural skeleton, much of the first half of remodeling work has already occurred in the initial cleanup and controlled demolition phases. We can utilize an opportunity where it interests clients to rebuild to new specifications and designs.

Fire damages can be a devastating force for homes and businesses, and one that requires our professionals to respond quickly and confidently. Our SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County technicians have accreditations from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to offer a knowledgeable presence in a stressful time. Give us a call 24/7 at (908) 251-9097.

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SERVPRO Technicians and Equipment Mitigate Fired Damaged Homes in Somerset

2/27/2020 (Permalink)

burned out kitchen with a filthy refrigerator in center Don't Despair! Call SERVPRO to Cleanup and Restore Your Fire Damaged Kitchen in Somerset

The Prognosis for Somerset Fire Damage Cleanup Is Better with Professional Cleanup

For most homeowners in Somerset, it is hard to look at their residence after fire damage happens and see the potential for having things back to normal. The black soot, smoke damage, and charred items make the situation seem hopeless.

A common sight in Somerset homes after fire damage is everything in the room pulled into the middle of the room and drenched with water. This happens because, during the firefighting efforts, the firemen pull burning items and put them in the center of the area and saturate it with water. The debris pile may include building materials, insulation, and furnishings. The result is a wet mess with little restoration potential that requires removal.

Initial Fire Cleanup Actions
The SERVPRO technicians begin the fire loss restoration process by extracting the water left behind by firefighting efforts and removal of anything ruined by the fire. As each identifiable item gets taken off-site, it is photographed and entered into a detailed report. When mitigation efforts complete, the techs provide this report to the homeowner to expedite the insurance claims process. Charred sheetrock, acoustic ceiling tiles, and other damaged building materials get taken off-site as they have no refurbishment prospects.

Cleaning Away Soot and Smoke Damage
As the fire burns, the hot air expands and drives soot into porous surfaces. When the paint on the walls gets heated, soot can enter and get trapped. SERVPRO technicians have methods such as using sealants to eradicate deeply embedded odors that are not candidates for removal through cleaning agents. If the property needs any additional odor control applications, the techs ensure no residual smoke odors remain within the property or contents.

Reconstruction Brings Full Restoration
After fire loss cleanup efforts complete, SERVPRO offers a full rebuilding service to bring the home back to preloss condition. With their general contractor license #13VH06622700, the techs perform commonly needed  activities including:
?    Repairs to walls and floors
?    Painting
?    Carpet
?    Insulation
?    Electrical
?    Plumbing

SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County at (908) 251-9097 restores properties to their pre-fire condition using their advanced equipment and cleaning methods, making the fire loss, "Like it never even happened."